Dinah Maclean

Managing Director



Dinah Maclean was appointed Managing Director of the Corporate Services Department (CS) in February 2014. In this capacity, she is responsible for the Bank’s Data and Statistics Office (DSO), Knowledge and Information Services, and Security and Facilities Management functions, including plans for continuity of operations. Ms. Maclean brings to this position a breadth of leadership experience from previous roles in the economics departments, DSO and CS.

Ms. Maclean has more than 20 years of experience at the Bank in its monetary policy and financial system functions, in increasingly senior positions. These have included Deputy Managing Director of the former Monetary and Financial Analysis Department and Director of the Data and Statistics Office. Prior to her current appointment, Ms. Maclean was Deputy Managing Director of Corporate Services.

Ms. Maclean is from Ottawa, Ontario. She has a BA and an MA in economics from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Staff Working Papers

Taylor Rules in the Quarterly Projection Model

Staff Working Paper 2002-1 Ben Fung, Dinah Maclean, Jamie Armour
In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in Taylor-type rules. Evidence in the literature suggests that Taylor-type rules are optimal in a number of models and are fairly robust across different models.

Lagging Productivity Growth in the Service Sector: Mismeasurement, Mismanagement or Misinformation?

Staff Working Paper 1997-6 Dinah Maclean
While the service sector has been growing rapidly as a share of total output, aggregate productivity growth has generally lagged behind that of the goods sector. In this report, the author assesses a range of explanations for lagging service sector productivity growth.

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