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Staff discussion papers

The Canadian Dollar and Commodity Prices: Has the Relationship Changed over Time?

Staff Discussion Paper 2008-15 Philipp Maier, Brian DePratto
The authors examine the impact of the recent run-up in energy and non-energy commodity prices on the Canadian dollar. Using the Bank of Canada's exchange rate equation, they find that the differences between the actual value of the Canadian exchange rate and the simulated values observed in 2007 are not historically large. Still, given that […]
Content Type(s): Staff research, Staff discussion papers Topic(s): Exchange rates JEL Code(s): F, F3, F31

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Staff working papers

How Changes in Oil Prices Affect the Macroeconomy

Staff Working Paper 2009-33 Brian DePratto, Carlos De Resende, Philipp Maier
We estimate a New Keynesian general-equilibrium open economy model to examine how changes in oil prices affect the macroeconomy. Our model allows oil price changes to be transmitted through temporary demand and supply channels (affecting the output gap), as well as through persistent supply side effects (affecting trend growth).

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