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Donald Coletti
Donald Coletti

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Understanding the economy matters

Check out this video on a recent Bank of Canada survey:

When it comes to understanding the economy, 17% of Canadians want to up their game.

We’ve been listening

Our surveys suggest that you trust us and our expertise. That tells us that we can play an important role in explaining the economy to you.

That’s why we’re excited to launch The Economy, Plain and Simple—our new way of communicating about economic issues that matter.

Our hope is that, if we do it well, you will better understand what we do. You’ll also

  • better understand the context in which you make your own personal financial and business decisions, and
  • better follow and participate in public debates about the economic policy choices that shape our society.

We can help

It’s right there in the title—Economy, Plain and Simple: Plain language. Complex concepts made as simple as possible—thanks to the efforts of our economists and a supporting cast of communications professionals. The results are short, quick reads, with engaging visuals, all on a mobile-friendly platform—so you can read them on the go.

Our articles will feature the views of our staff, based on economic research.

We say “views” because there are few absolutes in economics. Since the economy and our understanding of it are constantly evolving, experts often have differing ideas.

There’s a reason why the old joke about putting 10 economists in a room and getting 11 opinions rings true.

You can help us, too

Of course, to answer your questions about the economy, we need you to tell us what you want to know about.

We want to hear your ideas for articles about burning issues and key economic concepts that make you scratch your head. So, drop us a .

Once we have your ideas, we’ll put our experts to work.

There’s a reason why the old joke about putting 10 economists in a room and getting 11 opinions rings true.

Spread the word

You can also help us by

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  • sharing the articles with your friends, colleagues and family; and
  • giving us your feedback on what you read so we can continue improving.

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