Public Awareness Surveys

See why your opinion of the Bank matters to us, and see our Public Awareness Survey results.

Why your opinion matters to us

As Canada’s central bank, we are accountable to all Canadians. When you know about, understand and trust our actions and policies, it helps us make them more effective in keeping inflation low and predictable, and the financial system stable and efficient.

The purpose of these studies is to assess the public’s awareness, understanding, and trust in the Bank. We use the results to better understand our audiences and shape our communication strategies.

Survey results





Maintain low and stable inflation

Ensure financial system works well

Successful management of the economy

Safety and stability

Past surveys

We surveyed the public in 1999, 2010 and 2014. Awareness, understanding, and trust were assessed in these surveys but the results cannot be directly compared to 2018 or 2019 because the approach and questionnaire changed.