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Payments System Modernization: Opportunities & Challenges


James Chapman, Sajjad Jafri and Hector Perez Saiz

Welcome and Opening Remarks

By Gerry Gaetz

Session 1: Designing the new Canadian payments system

Chair: Jack Selody

Public Policy Objectives and the Next Generation of CPA Systems: An Analytical Framework

Presentation: James Chapman, Jonathan Chiu, Sajjad Jafri and Héctor Pérez Saiz

Session 2: Risk management and interoperability issues

Chair: Irfan Ahmad

Credit risk and collateral demand in a retail payment system

Presentation: Héctor Pérez Saiz and Gabriel Xerri

Economic benefit of adopting ISO 20022 payment message standard in Canada

Presentation: Neville Arjani

Session 3: Emerging themes in modernization

Chair: Doug Kreviazuk

Highlights from CPA’s Modernization Initiative

Presentation: Tracey Black

Session 4: Innovation in payment methods

Chair: Brad Pragnell

The Use of Cash in Canada

Presentation: Kim P. Huynh, Ben Fung and Gerald Stuber

Session 5: Fast and secure payments

Chair: Jeff Van Duynhoven

Costs and Benefits of Building Faster Payment Systems: The U.K. Experience and Implications for the U.S.

Presentation: Scott Schuh, Claire Greene, Marc Rysman and Oz Shy

The Economics of Retail Payments Security

Presentation: Fumiko Hayashi, Tyler Moore and Richard J. Sullivan

Panel Discussion: Attributes of a modernized payment system

Moderator: Gerry Gaetz

Participants: Irfan Ahmad, Brad Pragnell, Jack Selody and Jeff Van Duynhoven

Closing remarks

by Ron Morrow