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1 December 2016 Bank of Canada announces details of forthcoming changes to its published foreign exchange rate data

The Bank of Canada today announced a final list of the 26 foreign currency exchange rates that it will continue to publish after 1 March 2017.
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28 November 2016 Growth of the service sector is helping Canada’s economy return to full output, Governor Poloz says

The rise of the service sector in the Canadian economy is a natural process that is leading to high-quality jobs and supporting the return of sustained economic growth, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz said today.
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28 November 2016 From Hewers of Wood to Hewers of Code: Canada’s Expanding Service Economy

Remarks Stephen S. Poloz C.D. Howe Institute Toronto, Ontario
Governor Stephen S. Poloz discusses how growth in Canada’s service sector is leading to high-paying jobs and helping complete the economic recovery.
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25 November 2016 Bank of Canada announces finalists for the second annual Governor’s Challenge

The Bank of Canada announced the finalists for the 2016–17 edition of The Governor’s Challenge, a student competition in which teams simulate the role of advisor to the Bank’s Governing Council.
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