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16 September 2014 Float of the Loonie

Remarks Stephen S. Poloz Société de développement économique de Drummondville Drummondville, Quebec
Governor Stephen S. Poloz discusses the role of a floating exchange rate in the Canadian economy and in the Bank’s monetary policy framework.
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3 September 2014 Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1 per cent

The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent.
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26 August 2014 Bank of Canada Announces the Recipient of its 2014 Law Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence

This award was established in 2004 to recognize the work of Canadians in the field of law enforcement in deterring and preventing the counterfeiting of Canada’s bank notes.
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CAD-USD Noon Rate

CAD-USD Noon Rate - Past 3 months

2014-09-17: 1 CAD = 0.9131 USD

Schedule of Key Interest Rate Announcements and Monetary Policy Report

Eight times a year, the Bank announces its decision on the setting of its key policy interest rate.

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