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Central Bank Digital Currency and Banking Choices

Staff Working Paper 2024-4 Jiaqi Li, Andrew Usher, Yu Zhu
To what extent does a central bank digital currency (CBDC) compete with bank deposits? To answer this question, we develop and estimate a structural model where each household chooses which financial institution to deposit their digital money with.

The Role of International Financial Integration in Monetary Policy Transmission

Staff Working Paper 2024-3 Jing Cynthia Wu, Yinxi Xie, Ji Zhang
We propose an open-economy New Keynesian model with financial integration that allows financial intermediaries to hold foreign long-term bonds. We study the implications of financial integration on monetary policy transmission. Among various aspects of financial integration, the bond duration plays a major role. These results hold for conventional and unconventional monetary policies.
February 6, 2024

Media Availability: Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (CORIM)

The effectiveness and the limitations of monetary policy — Governor Tiff Macklem takes questions from reporters following his remarks (14:10 (ET) approx.).

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