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October 17, 2000

Can a Bank Change? The Evolution of Monetary Policy at the Bank of Canada 1935–2000

Lecture Gordon Thiessen Faculty of Social Science, University of Western Ontario
Over this period, there has been a fundamental transformation in the way monetary policy is conducted in Canada and in most other industrial countries. While globalization and technological change have played an important role in this area, as in so many others, they have not, to my mind, been the principal driving force behind this transformation. Far more important has been the interaction of experience and economic theory.
September 14, 2000

Bank of Canada Governor reviews economic developments and outlines proposed new arrangements for announcing interest rate changes

In a speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce today, Bank of Canada Governor Gordon Thiessen gave an update on the Bank's outlook for the Canadian economy. He also outlined plans to move to a system of pre-set dates for announcing changes in official interest rates as part of the Bank's ongoing efforts to improve […]
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August 16, 2000

Release of the Monetary Policy Report Update

Opening statement Gordon Thiessen
This morning we released our update to the May Monetary Policy Report. Overall, the outlook for Canadian economic growth and inflation is positive. Economic activity in Canada has remained strong since our May Report. Nonetheless, the underlying trend of inflation has been unexpectedly low - in the bottom half of our 1 to 3 per […]
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