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Debt Strategy Consultations 2005/06 and the Review of the Debt Distribution Framework - Summary of Comments

In October and November 2004, officials from the Department of Finance and the Bank of Canada consulted with interested parties on issues related to the government's domestic debt program, and the review of the government's debt distribution framework. To allow for comments from a broad range of participants, the Debt Strategy 2005/06 Consultation Document and the Review of the Government of Canada Debt Distribution Framework were made available on the Bank of Canada's website in October 2004.

Today, a Summary of Comments—Debt Strategy 2005/06 and a Summary of Comments—Debt Distribution Framework are being made public on the Bank's website. Comments received on the debt strategy were taken into consideration in the development of the Debt Management Strategy for 2005/06. Comments received on the debt distribution framework are being taken into consideration as the review of the framework continues. The conclusions of the review, including any changes to the distribution framework, will be outlined in a document to be published on the Bank of Canada's website later in 2005.

The Bank of Canada and the Department of Finance would like to thank all parties for the comments they provided during the consultation process.

For further information, please contact:

Nigel Stephens
Financial Markets Division
Department of Finance
613 943-1944
Marc Pellerin
Domestic Debt Management
Bank of Canada
613 782-8429

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