Student Resources

Find information on our key publications and other resources for understanding Canada's monetary policy framework. Learn about possible economic data sources you can use and view last year's winning presentation.

Key Publications

The Bank of Canada has a number of publications that can help students understand Canada’s monetary policy framework, the current economic outlook, and illustrate how the statistics and concepts could be delivered in their presentations.

Monetary Policy Report

A quarterly report of the Bank of Canada’s Governing Council, presenting the Bank’s base-case projection for inflation and growth in the Canadian economy, and its assessment of risks.

Financial System Hub

Financial System Hub

Promoting a stable and efficient financial system.

The Economy, Plain and Simple

Explaining economic issues that matter to you.

Other Resources

Core Functions

Learn about the Bank of Canada's four main areas of responsibility.


The backgrounders section contains articles explaining various topics related to the Bank's core functions.

November 14, 2013

Monetary Policy Decision Making at the Bank of Canada

The process that the Bank of Canada follows to make its monetary policy decisions has evolved over time. This process is very information-intensive and collaborative, drawing on the expertise, judgment and analysis of many people. This article describes monetary policy decision making at the Bank, and discusses some common misconceptions about monetary policy and the process.
September 19, 2017

Advice from Past Governor’s Challenge Finalists

Former Governor’s Challenge Finalists and Champions share their experiences and advice for current participants.

Economic Data

Students should choose the economic indicators they think are most relevant to the current economic situation and organize them to tell their story. Teams should be prepared to defend their choice of unusual data.

Following are some standard data series that could be used:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a key measure of the health of a country’s economy.

Read more about the GDP and how it's calculated on Statistics Canada.

View and download GDP data from Statistics Canada.

Core Measures of Inflation

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) provides a broad measure of the cost of living in Canada.

Read more about the CPI on Statistics Canada.

View and download CPI data from Statistics Canada.

Exchange Rates

The Bank publishes various exchange rate data and provides tools to look up historical data.

View and download noon exchange rate data.

View and download monthly average exchange rate data.

View and download historical exchange rate data from Statistics Canada.


Statistics Canada publishes monthly reports on employment statistics in the Labour Force Survey (LFS)

Read more about the LFS on Statistics Canada.

View and download LFS data from Statistics Canada.