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Bankers’ Acceptance Purchase Facility

Learn about the program and its reporting, access its data, and find key contacts and related notices.

Announcement: The Bankers’ Acceptance Purchase Facility (BAPF) is discontinued.

Program details

To support the continuous functioning of financial markets, the Bank of Canada purchases Bankers’ Acceptances (BAs) in the secondary market through the Bankers’ Acceptance Purchase Facility (BAPF). The BA market is one of Canada’s core funding markets and a key source of financing for small- and medium-size corporate borrowers.

Terms and conditions

Primary dealers who want to participate in the BAPF must contact the Bank and provide key contact information. On the day of the operation, dealers must submit their offers between 8:30 (ET) and 9:00 (ET).

For additional operational details, see the full terms and conditions for this program.


Announcement: BAPF operations will continue until October 26, 2020.


The Bank reports its aggregate holdings of Bankers’ Acceptances acquired through the BAPF every Friday on the Bank’s weekly balance sheet. The first results of this program are reported on March 25, 2020.


Transaction-level data

Our Valet API is designed to help you integrate your applications and processes with our data. For details, please see our documentation.

Key contacts

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

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