Bank of Canada assets and liabilities: Weekly (formerly B2)

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Typically published on Fridays by 14:30 ET. January data are typically published in February.

Weekly Series

Weekly Wednesday, Millions of dollars1 2CANSIM2020‑05‑272020‑06‑032020‑06‑102020‑06‑172020‑06‑24
Government of Canada direct and guaranteed securities
Treasury BillsV36612104,497107,843115,844118,446124,449
Government of Canada BondsV36613132,687137,570145,218152,192160,039
Real Return BondsV1160788296 1,2441,2681,2731,280
Canada Mortgage BondsV10381144166,0016,3986,5647,1117,258
Provincial Money Marketv11460672616,2046,5366,9347,3267,549
Provincial Bondsv11544269891,7442,9713,7944,3884,770
Bankers’ Acceptancesv11460672624,6963,7673,7173,5133,098
Commercial Paperv11460672631,8241,9251,7251,7261,676
Corporate Bondsv1154426990 226094105
Securities purchased under resale agreements3 V44201362204,347209,583211,227211,180209,290
All other assetsV366351,2731,3531,2671,2661,265
Total assetsV36610464,054479,816498,223509,120521,387
Liabilities and capital
Notes in circulationV3662596,71897,50797,98198,43899,114
Canadian dollar deposits
Government of CanadaV36628143,049127,687140,509138,700143,061
Members of Payments CanadaV36636213,615244,106249,213261,176266,891
Other Deposits4 v11460672648,8189,4309,2439,35110,819
All other liabilities and capitalV366321,8531,0871,2771,4561,502
Total liabilities and capitalV36624464,054479,816498,223509,120521,387
  1. 1. The Bank accounts for all financial instruments using settlement-date accounting.[]
  2. 2. In the event that an Emergency Lending Assistance (ELA) advance is made, the advance will not be included until public disclosures have otherwise occurred. Any outstanding ELA advances are included in the Bank’s monthly balance sheet and its annual and quarterly financial statements. The Banking and Financial Statistics will not be restated after ELA has been otherwise disclosed.[]
  3. 3. Includes Overnight Repo and Term Repo Operations.[]
  4. 4. Other Deposit figures are included as part of All other liabilities and capital for all periods prior to 2020-03-25.[]