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Canadian Alternative Reference Rate Working Group: Key documents

Find key documents and reference material related to the Canadian Alternative Reference Rate Working Group (CARR).

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Governance documents


Speeches and appearances

CARR Webinar presentation

Outline of the processes and timelines needed for the transition from CDOR for Canadian market participants

A Canadian interest rate benchmark regime for the future

Deputy Governor Toni Gravelle discusses some important changes that may be coming to Canada’s interest rate benchmarks.

Panel: International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)

Deputy Governor Toni Gravelle participates in a panel discussion at the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA).


Conventions and fallback language

Recommended conventions

Recommended fallback language

Key BA Transition Virtual Network (BATVN) documents

  • January 2023 White Paper on BA impact
    A white paper on the impact of CDOR cessation on the Bankers’ Acceptance market
  • BA Wind down plan
    A proposed plan for the wind down of Bankers’ Acceptances in preparation for the end of CDOR
  • September 2023 progress update to CFIF
    An update on the progress made so far on the transition away from Bankers’ Acceptances

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