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Bank notes: Multimedia

Access videos about our bank notes, along with images past and present.


Watch our Bank Notes playlist for videos about the vertical $10 note, how to fight fraud and much more:

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Access a selection of bank note images, past and present.

Terms and conditions

The images in this gallery can be used and reproduced provided that the following conditions are met:

  • the photographs are reproduced accurately and without alterations;
  • the Bank of Canada is identified as the source;
  • you do not imply that your particular use of the photographs is done in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of, the Bank of Canada.
Find out how to get permission to use bank note images. For help, contact us.

Canada’s New $10 Bank Note

On March 8, 2018, the new $10 bank note featuring Viola Desmond was unveiled during a ceremony at the Halifax Public Library. Learn more about the design and security features of the note.

Canada 150 Commemorative Note

This unique note celebrates our history, land and culture. This is only the fourth commemorative bank note issued by the Bank in its 80-year history.

Frontier Series

The polymer bank notes (issued 2011–13) are highly secure, durable, innovative, and the designs celebrate Canada’s achievements at home, around the world, and in space.

Portraits in Time

Explore eight decades of portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on Canada’s bank notes. Also, learn about the design and security features of the Polymer Series, and discover our earlier series.

Canadian Journey Series

The Canadian Journey series of bank notes is designed to celebrate Canada’s history, culture, and achievements.

Past Series

A brief historical overview of the first four series of notes issued by the Bank of Canada and the two commemorative notes issued in 1935 and 1967.