Use of Bank Note Images

The Bank recognizes that people want to use images of our bank notes for both educational and commercial purposes.

General Inquiries

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Personal information collected by the Bank of Canada is protected under the Privacy Act. The information you provide is used to respond to your inquiry. For further information about the Bank of Canada’s privacy practices, please consult the Bank’s General Privacy Policy.

Commercial Use

For advertisers and other commercial users, our Policy on the Reproduction of Bank Note Images must be respected, and you must obtain the Bank’s written permission. To do so, send an email to which includes the following information:

  1. Your name and the name of your organization.
  2. Your day-time phone number.
  3. Description of the proposed reproduction (size, colour or B&W, total or part of note, denomination, and series of note to be reproduced.)
  4. How do you intend to exhibit the reproduction? (Newspaper article, magazine, advertisement, textbook, numismatics publication, web site, etc.)
  5. By what date do you need approval?
  6. If you have a mock-up of the proposed reproduction available, please attach it to the email (PDF, JPG or PNG format. Maximum size: 10 meg.)

We will normally reply to requests within 2 days.

The Bank may, at its sole discretion, consent to the reproduction if there is no risk that the resulting image could be mistaken for a genuine note or misused by counterfeiters. Another key consideration is that the proposed image must not tarnish the dignity and importance of bank notes to Canadians or the reputation of the Bank.

Exception for Film or Video

Permission is not required for film or video productions showing a general indication of currency and where there is no danger of images contributing to counterfeiting (e.g., for a television commercial).

Promotional Coupons and Vouchers

The Bank will not approve requests to produce promotional coupons or vouchers bearing any likeness to a Canadian bank note. These could be mistaken for genuine notes, and/or diminish the importance of bank notes to Canadians.

Non-Commercial Use

We provide an extensive gallery of bank note images from which you may download images.