This section features materials and classroom resources to help students learn about Canadian bank notes.

Students - whether you’re working on a school project about polymer bank notes or looking to add a skill to your resumé for that part-time job as a cashier, the Bank can help make it happen.

Teachers - we’re thinking of you, too. The Fraud Prevention Kit on bank note counterfeiting and identity crime is our innovative educational resource for high schools. Designed by teachers for teachers, this kit is adapted to provincial curricula. Learning outcomes include essential skills such as communication, problem solving, responsibility and job readiness.

Our latest resource, the Build a Bank Note Lesson Plan is a modular resource, designed with the help of teachers, that uses bank notes to teach students about the ways that Canada can be represented.

Fraud Prevention Kit

Students in grades 9 to 12 will learn how to prevent losses due to bank note counterfeiting and identity crime. The kit includes a teacher’s manual, worksheets, Fighting Fraud on the Front Lines DVD, and much more.

To get the complete contents of the Fraud Prevention Kit, download the following 11 documents. If you’d rather order a copy, see the form below.

Teacher’s Manual Learning Skills Curriculum Links Bank Note Counterfeiting Worksheets Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 1, Lesson 1-1 Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 2, Lesson 1-2 Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 3, Lesson 1-2 Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 4, Lesson 4-1 Identity Crime Worksheets Identity Crime PowerPoint 1, Lesson 2-2 Fraud Prevention Certificate
  1. Other Classroom Resources

  2. Brochure – Vertical $10

  3. Basic information on the design and security features of the vertical $10 bank note

  4. Download only

  5. Build a Bank Note Lesson Plan: Exploring Canada’s history, land and culture through money

  6. A resource designed with teachers for teachers of grades 4 to 8 Social Science, Geography, History and Media Studies. Each module can be completed on its own or in sequence.
  7. Download the Lesson Plan
  8. Canada 150 Bank Note Learning Activities

  9. Activities suitable for children ages 7 and up to learn about the Canada 150 bank note. These can be used in the classroom or on your own.
  10. Explore the design of the Canada 150 bank note with the Can you find me? activity
  11. Build a chatterbox and quiz your friends
  12. Download only
  13. Canada 150 Bank Note Design Fact Sheet

  14. A summary of the design elements on the Canada 150 commemorative bank note.
  15. Version with printer’s marks for commercial printers
  16. Download only
  17. Canada 150 Bank Note Security Features Fact Sheet

  18. A summary of the security features on the Canada 150 commemorative bank note.
  19. Version with printer’s marks for commercial printers
  20. Download only
  21. Additional Resources for Students

  22. Frontiers Series Leaflet

  23. Basic information on the security features of polymer bank notes.
  24. Canadian Journey Series Leaflet

  25. Basic information on the security features in the Canadian Journey series bank notes.
  26. Download only
  27. Frontiers Series Security Features Poster

  28. This is a quick reference for students, showing the security features in Canada’s Frontiers series bank notes.
  29. Size: 12 x 18
  30. Frontiers Series Fact Sheets

  31. A summary of key information about the Frontiers series polymer bank notes rolled into one handy document.
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Build a Bank Note: Classroom Resource for Teachers

Teach your students about Canada’s history, land and culture – with money! Download the free lesson plan.