Delivering on Our Promise

The Bank of Canada’s 2022–24 Strategic Plan

Read a message from Governor Macklem and learn more about our planning framework, how we will put our strategic plan into action and how it is anchored in our values as an organization.

As the Canadian economy is reshaped by new opportunities and potentially disruptive challenges, our three-year strategic plan draws on valuable insights and innovative thinking from across the Bank. It defines the goals and priorities that will guide the work ahead as we deliver on our promise to Canadians.

The plan is not an inventory of all future activities. A great deal of ongoing work within the Bank’s core functions—monetary policy, the financial system, currency and funds management—is not explicitly highlighted here but is nevertheless critical to advancing our strategic vision. The same applies to important work underway in our Corporate Administration departments. The plan provides a framework to guide all decision making, helping us achieve our objectives in the initiatives we pursue together.

Our success in realizing the ambitious goals we’ve mapped out will determine the Bank’s trajectory through 2024 and into the future.