Change theme
Change theme

Amplifying our impact

How do we expand our leadership role in addressing issues that confront Canada and the world?

Leveraging the Bank’s expertise, achievements and reputation, we will forge and strengthen partnerships, share innovative tools and insights, and find opportunities to lead the conversation on major challenges facing the Canadian and global economies. By sharing the value of what we have learned with others, we will further advance our vision: to be a leading central bank.

Advance work of strategic significance alongside our domestic partners


  • Engage with financial institutions, regulators, and clearing and settlement systems to build a more efficient and resilient financial system.
  • Deliver compelling analysis that influences how relevant domestic agencies apply macroprudential and other financial system policies.

Spearhead global discussions on critical developments and policies


  • Strengthen partnerships and leverage our thought leadership to give the Bank a stronger voice in international monetary and financial systems.
  • Help shape global policies related to the international monetary system, financial stability and digitalization of the economy.

Deepen understanding of the implications of climate change for the economy and the financial system


  • Enhance the Bank’s analytical tool kit for assessing the economic and financial effects of climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Collaborate with domestic and international partners, and consult a broad range of stakeholders, to better support the management of climate risks and the transition to low-carbon, net-zero economic growth.

How we’ll measure success

  • Financial system resilience: Our work with partners to develop policies, reforms and new initiatives have made Canada’s financial system more efficient and robust.
  • Macroprudential considerations: Our advice to domestic agencies, such as the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and the Department of Finance Canada, strengthens the coherence and effectiveness of macroprudential policy in Canada.
  • Thought leadership: Our voice is stronger, particularly in the G7 and G20, and our views and goals are reflected in international policies, such as those related to digitalization in the economy and financial system.
  • Climate change: We have a deeper understanding of the implications of climate change for the financial system and the economy—along with sharper climate-related analytical tools.

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