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Unlocking the potential of our people

How do we build a more inclusive culture and empower people to drive change?

The benefits of advancing equity, diversity and inclusion are clear. Ensuring that everyone is heard and feels valued leads to better decision making, greater adaptability, more creative thinking and stronger overall performance. We will embrace and celebrate difference, encouraging the Bank’s employees to grow and thrive in a flexible, supportive environment designed to include everyone.

Foster greater diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the Bank


  • Implement enhanced and tailored programs to attract, retain and promote members of equity-seeking groups.
  • Fully embed inclusivity and equity into the behaviours and practices expected of employees and leaders.

Accelerate the development of our people as we prepare for the future


  • Enable employees to build their skills and enrich their careers.
  • Develop forward-looking leaders who inspire team members to be their best.

Build a more flexible, dynamic and supportive post-pandemic work environment


  • Equip leaders and employees to develop and implement new ways of working.
  • Evolve our programs, policies and tools to enable employees and the Bank to thrive.

How we’ll measure success

  • Diversity and inclusion: The Bank’s organization and culture are more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Others see us as a leader in our diversity and inclusion programs and regularly ask us to share best practices.
  • Skills for the future: Bank employees and leaders are engaged in their own career development and have the skills they need to succeed on their chosen paths.
  • Work environment: Our post-pandemic environment is more flexible, dynamic and supportive of new ways of working.

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