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Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Adjustment

NOTE: The papers listed here are reproduced as submitted by their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Bank of Canada. Papers submitted by persons not in the employ of the Bank of Canada may be subject to the copyright policies of the submitters' organizations and/or countries, and therefore should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of the author(s). Papers are presented in the language of the authors only.

"Don’t Panic: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Missing Import Price Changes" and Presentation

Authors: Etienne Gagnon, Benjamin R. Mandel and Robert J. Vigfusson
Discussant: Nicholas Li

"Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Domestic Competition and Inflation – Evidence from the 2005/08 Revaluation of the Renminbi" and Presentation

Author: Raphael Auer
Discussant: Luca Guerrieri

"Entry Dynamics and the Decline in Exchange-Rate Pass-Through" and Presentation

Authors: Christopher Gust, Sylvain Leduc and Robert Vigfusson
Discussant: Ben Tomlin

"The Global Financial Crisis and the Global Monetary System"

Author: Maurice Obstfeld

"Can Oil Prices Forecast Exchange Rates?" and Presentation

Authors: Domenico Ferraro, Ken Rogoff and Barbara Rossi
Discussant: Ron Alquist

"Exchange Rate and Price Misalignment: Evidence on Long-Horizon Predictability" and Presentation

Authors: Wei Dong and Deokwoo Nam
Discussant: Nelson Mark

"Short-Run and Long-Run Relationships between Exchange Rates and Economic Fundamentals" and Presentation

Authors: Marcel Fratzscher, Lucio Sarno and Gabriele Zinna
Discussant: Martin Evans

"The Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson Effect: Reconciling the Evidence"

Authors: Christiane Baumeister, Ehsan Choudhri and Lawrence Schembri
Discussant: Michael Ehrmann

"The Effects of News About Future Productivity on International Relative Prices: An Empirical Investigation"

Authors: Deokwoo Nam and Jian Wang
Discussant: Paul Beaudry

"Confronting Our FEERs: a Bayesian-model-selection-based robustness analysis" and Presentation

Authors: Daniela Buscaglia, Fabio Fornari and Chiara Osbat
Discussant: Gregory Bauer

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