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Financial Globalization and Financial Instability

NOTE: The papers listed here are reproduced as submitted by their respective authors, and have not been edited or proofread by the Bank of Canada. They are intended for the reference of conference participants only, and should not be cited or distributed elsewhere. Papers are presented in the language of the authors only.

"Financial Globalization and Risk Sharing: Welfare Effects and the Optimality of Open Markets"

Presentation: Charles Trzcinka and Andrey Ukhov

"Financial Integration, Globalization, Growth and Systemic Real Risk"

Presentation: Gianni De Nicolò and Luciana Juvenal

"Financial Distortions and the Distribution of Global Volatility" (PDF)

Presentation: Maya Eden

"Adverse Selection, Liquidity and Market Breakdown"

Presentation: Koralai Kirabaeva

"Low Interest Rates and Housing Booms: The Role of Capital Inflows, Monetary Policy and Financial Innovation"

Presentation: Filipi Sá, Pascal Towbin, and Tomasz Wieladek

"ABS Inflows to the U.S. and the Global Financial Crisis"

Presentation: Carol Bertaut, Laurie Pounder DeMarco, Steve Kamin, and Ralph Tryon

"Over-Borrowing, Financial Crises and Macro-Prudential Taxes"

Presentation: Javier Bianchi and Enrique Mendoza

"Reputational Contagion and Optimal Regulatory Forbearance"

Presentation: Alan Morrison and Lucy White

"International Risk Cycles"

Presentation: François Gourio and Adrien Verdelhan

"Sovereign Default Risk and the U.S. Equity Market"

Presentation: Alexandre Jeanneret

"International Capital Flows and Bond Risk Premia"

Presentation: Jesus Sierra

"Understanding the Dynamics of the US External Position"

Presentation: Martin Evans and Alberto Fuertes

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