This section features print materials and classroom resources to help students learn about Canadian bank notes.

Students - whether you’re working on a school project about polymer bank notes or looking to add a skill to your resumé for that part-time job as a cashier, the Bank can help make it happen.

Teachers - we’re thinking of you, too. The Fraud Prevention Kit on bank note counterfeiting and identity crime is our innovative educational resource for high schools. Designed by teachers for teachers, this kit is adapted to provincial curricula. Learning outcomes include essential skills such as communication, problem solving, responsibility and job readiness.

Fraud Prevention Kit to Download

To get the complete contents of the Fraud Prevention Kit, download the following 11 documents. If you’d rather order a copy, see the form below.

Teacher’s Manual

Learning Skills

Curriculum Links 

Bank Note Counterfeiting Worksheets

Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 1, Lesson 1-1 

Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 2, Lesson 1-2 

Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 3, Lesson 1-2 

Bank Note Counterfeiting PowerPoint 4, Lesson 4-1

Identity Crime Worksheets 

Identity Crime PowerPoint 1, Lesson 2-2 

Fraud Prevention Certificate 

Classroom Resources to Order

  1. Fraud Prevention Kit

  2. Students in grades 9 to 12 will learn how to prevent losses due to bank note counterfeiting and identity crime. The kit includes a teacher’s manual, worksheets, Fighting Fraud on the Front Lines DVD, and much more.
  3. Additional Resources for Students to Download and/or Order

  4. Polymer Series Leaflet

  5. Basic information on security features and tips for handling new polymer notes.
  6. Canadian Journey Series Leaflet

  7. Basic information on the security features in the Canadian Journey series bank notes.
  8. Polymer Series Security Features Poster

  9. This is a quick reference for students, showing the security features in Canada’s Polymer series bank notes.
  10. Size: 12 x 18
  11. Polymer Series Fact Sheets

  12. A summary of key information about the new polymer bank notes rolled into one handy document.
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