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Term repos

Access the upcoming operations, results and related notices for term repos, along with terms and conditions.

These operations, where assets are acquired temporarily through the secondary market, are conducted to manage the Bank’s balance sheet and to promote the orderly functioning of Canadian financial markets.

Announcement: The Term Repo operations are suspended.

Upcoming Operations

The total amount outstanding for term repo operations is $0 million, of which $0 million is regular and $0 million is NHA MBS. The anticipated amount outstanding after the next operation is $ million, of which $ million is regular and $ million is NHA MBS.


Auction TypeOffered Amount ($M)Allocated Amount ($M)Operation DateSettlement DateTerm (Days)Maturity DateLow RateAverage RateHigh Rate

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Related notices

March 23, 2021

Bank of Canada announces the discontinuation of market functioning programs introduced during COVID-19

As overall financial market conditions continue to improve in Canada, use of the Bank of Canada’s programs that were introduced in 2020 in response to the shock from COVID-19 to support the functioning of key Canadian financial markets, has declined significantly.
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