Interest rates charged for new and existing lending by chartered banks

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Monthly Series

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Month-end, rates in percentageCANSIM2022‑052022‑062022‑072022‑082022‑09
Funds advanced
Residential mortgages, insured, TotalV1226677753.153.534.134.464.92
Variable rateV1226677762.513.
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677775.795.926.316.787.01
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV1226677783.373.734.164.474.83
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV1226677793.363.634.014.364.66
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV1226677803.313.563.974.344.61
Residential mortgages, uninsured, TotalV1226677812.973.434.084.374.87
Variable rateV1226677822.583.184.144.325.04
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677835.265.545.616.046.17
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV1226677843.443.714.024.414.71
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV1226677853.103.323.643.984.44
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV1226677863.413.704.054.444.79
Outstanding balances
Residential mortgages, insured, TotalV1226677872.512.632.812.883.05
Variable rateV1226677882.292.773.633.764.45
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677894.254.604.855.105.33
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV1226677902.702.862.923.153.30
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV1226677912.532.552.552.602.64
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV1226677922.552.562.572.592.61
Residential mortgages, uninsured, TotalV1226677932.602.813.213.263.58
Variable rateV1226677942.623.
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677954.274.434.574.844.98
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV1226677962.973.
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV1226677972.452.462.482.532.57
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV1226677982.582.612.632.652.66
  1. 1. As of January 2019, insured and uninsured residential mortgages exclude residential mortgages to the corporate sector.[]

Residential variable rate mortgages

Month-end, rates in percentageCANSIM2022‑052022‑062022‑072022‑082022‑09
Funds advanced
Total variable rate mortgages, TotalV1226677992.613.214.154.345.06
Closed non-convertible variable rate mortgagesV1226678002.463.043.904.154.84
Closed convertible variable rate mortgagesV1226678012.613.244.324.435.16
Open variable rate mortgagesV1226678024.815.356.086.177.04

Consumer credit

Month-end, rates in percentageCANSIM2022‑052022‑062022‑072022‑082022‑09
Funds advanced for non-mortgage loans
Consumer credit, TotalV1226678035.155.596.366.627.30
Personal loan plansV1226678047.057.477.908.008.23
Of which: Auto loansV1226678055.806.156.626.796.98
Personal lines of credit, securedV1226678063.163.594.394.525.26
Personal lines of credit, unsecuredV1226678076.617.
Other personalV12266780812.0312.2712.4412.9814.47
Outstanding balances for non-mortgage loans
Consumer credit, TotalV1226678096.206.476.906.987.35
Personal loan plansV1226678105.555.625.735.795.92
Of which: Auto loansV1226678114.774.824.894.975.08
Credit card loansV12266781219.6819.8919.7519.9420.05
Personal lines of credit, securedV1226678133.033.323.873.914.35
Personal lines of credit, unsecuredV1226678146.787.
Other personalV1226678154.584.845.465.645.69

Credit extended to corporate sector2

Month-end, rates in percentageCANSIM2022‑052022‑062022‑072022‑082022‑09
Funds advanced
Business loans, TotalV1226678163.263.664.364.575.10
non-mortgage loans
To regulated non-bank financial institutionsV1226678173.093.854.554.835.48
Lease receivablesV1226678185.135.085.435.705.54
Loans to individuals and others for business purposesV1226678193.233.624.344.555.08
mortgage loans
Non-residential mortgagesV1226678204.394.735.225.355.67
Outstanding balances
Business loans, TotalV1226678213.303.594.084.264.65
non-mortgage loans
To regulated non-bank financial institutionsV1226678223.053.483.984.194.70
Lease receivablesV1226678234.594.654.724.764.80
Loans to individuals and others for business purposesV1226678243.373.724.324.534.98
mortgage loans
Non-residential mortgagesV1226678253.463.633.903.984.22
  1. 2. As of January 2019, Total business loans exclude non-residential mortgages to the personal sector.[]


Source: Bank of Canada

The data shown is to provide information on the interest rates charged vis-à-vis new and existing loans, booked in Canada, in Canadian dollars only, to Canadian households and corporate sectors by institutions. Reporting coverage encompasses banks and foreign bank branches.

Information provided on mortgages and consumer credit tables represent credit extended to individuals for non-business purposes. These loans are those used to finance the acquisition of housing, consumer goods and services, including the acquisition of securities.

The funds advanced and outstanding balance section classify amounts across terms based on the term set at loan origination.

Interest-rates are calculated by a volume-weighted average, cross-sectioned on reporting institutions for a given month. The volume-weighted average interest rate for a given loan instrument in a specific month, is the sum of all reporting institutions’ weights multiplied by the reporting institutions’ interest rate. Weights are measured using a reporting institution’s funds advanced or outstanding balance for a loan instrument of a given month relative to the cumulative total funds advanced or outstanding balance of all reporting institutions for the reference loan instrument and month. A sample calculation for a loan instrument in a specific month is displayed below.

$$\begin{gather} R=\sum_{i=1}^{N}w_{i}r_{i}\\ R = weighted\,average\,interest\,rate\\ w_{i}=weight\,of\,given\,respondent\\ r_{i}=interest\,rate\,of\,given\,respondent\\ N=Set\,of\,respondents\\ \end{gather} $$

Funds advanced represents the cumulative total of new credit extended, new draws on existing credit facilities, mortgage or term-loan renewals and refinancing for a given month.

Outstanding balances are reported as month-end accounting book values, gross of allowances for expected credit losses. Outstanding balances for credit card lending is reported based on the closest billing cycle period.

Data collection on outstanding balances, auto-loans, open and closed variable rate residential mortgages began in July 2016.

For precise definitions of loan categories and general detail, please visit the Report on New and Existing Lending (A4) instructions on the OSFI website.