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Senior Loan Officer Survey

As of January 1, 2020 the Senior Loan Officer Survey publication is no longer produced. The latest data will continue to be published quarterly.

About the survey:

  • conducted quarterly, near the end of the quarter for which the results are reported;
  • collects information on the lending practices of Canadian financial institutions;
  • gathers the perspectives of respondents on price and non-price terms of lending and on topical issues of interest to the Bank of Canada.

Learn more about the survey from this background document.

  • Survey respondents do not always answer all the questions. Totals may not equal 100%.
  • The survey results summarize opinions expressed by the respondents and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Bank of Canada.

Household lending conditions

Overall household lending conditions: Balance of opinion

Mortgage lending conditions35.620.39-5.55-1.743.76
Non-mortgage lending conditions11.632.86-1.8010.4615.52

Mortgage lending conditions: Balance of opinion

Mortgage non-price lending conditions22.1311.731.69-3.4725.17
Mortgage price lending conditions49.12-10.96-12.800.00-17.64

Non-mortgage lending: Balance of opinion

Non-mortgage non-price lending conditions3.4917.755.327.6617.78
Non-mortgage price lending conditions19.78-12.04-8.9213.2713.27

Business lending conditions

Overall business lending conditions

Overall business lending conditions11.3000007.61000013.2000005.7600002.640000

Price and non-price lending conditions

Business non-price lending conditions10.1900004.2400008.9300000.3700000.720000
Business price lending conditions12.42000010.98000017.45999911.1400004.550000

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