Michael Mueller

Senior Economist



Michael is a Senior Economist in the Financial Markets Department. He has worked extensively on OTCD reform implementation in Canada. Michael’s research includes work on latency delays in equity order execution and on capital structure.

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Staff Working Papers

Speed Segmentation on Exchanges: Competition for Slow Flow

In 2015, TSX Alpha, a Canadian stock exchange, implemented a speed bump for marketable orders and an inverted fee structure as part of a redesign. We find no evidence that this redesign impacted market-wide measures of trading costs or contributed appreciably to segmenting retail order flow away from other Canadian venues with a maker-taker fee structure.

Persistent Leverage in Portfolio Sorts: An Artifact of Measurement Error?

Staff Working Paper 2014-55 Michael Mueller
Studies such as Lemmon, Roberts and Zender (2008) demonstrate how stable firms’ capital structures are over time, and raise the question of whether new theories of capital structure are needed to explain these phenomena.