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The Implementation of Monetary Policy in Canada

Staff Discussion Paper 2008-9 Walter Engert, Toni Gravelle, Donna Howard
The authors present a detailed discussion of the Bank of Canada's framework for the implementation of monetary policy. As background, they provide a brief overview of the financial system in Canada, including a discussion of the financial services industry and the money market.
November 11, 1998

A primer on the implementation of monetary policy in the LVTS environment

The author summarizes the objectives and key elements of the framework that the Bank will use to implement monetary policy under the new payments system. The article includes a comparison of the key features of the pre-LVTS framework with that to be used in the LVTS environment. It also features a glossary of terms with respect to the Bank's monetary policy operations.
April 8, 1998

Second Discussion Paper Released on Government of Canada - Debt Auction Process

A second discussion paper outlining proposed changes in the rules for, and the surveillance of, auctions of Government of Canada securities was released for public comment today by the Bank of Canada.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases
May 17, 1996

The Transmission of Monetary Policy

Text of major 1995 lecture by Bank Governor Gordon Thiessen, plus articles from Bank of Canada Review and other sources

Topic(s): Transmission of monetary policy JEL Code(s): E, E5

From Monetary Policy Instruments to Administered Interest Rates: The Transmission Mechanism in Canada

Technical Report No. 69 Kevin Clinton, Donna Howard
The authors investigate interest-rate aspects of the transmission mechanism of monetary policy instruments in Canada, focussing on the stability of the relationships between some key interest rates and the instruments of monetary policy. To determine what shifts may have occurred in recent years, they describe movements in rate differentials, apply cointegration tests and estimate error-correction […]
Content Type(s): Technical Reports Topic(s): Transmission of monetary policy JEL Code(s): E, E5, E52

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