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September 10, 2020

Economic progress report: a very uneven recovery

Remarks (delivered virtually) Tiff Macklem The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Ottawa, Ontario
Governor Tiff Macklem discusses the Bank’s latest interest rate announcement and explains the uneven impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on different sectors and people.
September 10, 2020

Canadian Chamber of Commerce - Speech (Webcasts)

The uneven effects of COVID-19 on different sectors and people in the economy - Tiff Macklem, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, speaks by videoconference before the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. (12:30 (Eastern Time) approx.)

July 15, 2020

Monetary Policy Report - Press Conference (Webcasts) - July 2020

Release of the Monetary Policy Report - Press conference by Governor Tiff Macklem and Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn A. Wilkins. (11:00 (ET) approx.).
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