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October 23, 2002

Opening Statement before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

Opening statement David Dodge House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance
The Canadian economy has been expanding strongly so far this year and is now operating fairly close to its full production capacity. Consumer price inflation has risen above the 2 per cent target and is expected to rise further before year-end because of high oil prices and a number of other relative price movements.
September 20, 2002

The Bank of Canada Securities-Lending Program

On 23 April 2002, the Bank of Canada announced its intention to implement a securities-lending program to support the liquidity of Government of Canada securities by providing a secondary and temporary source of securities to the market. The Bank intends to implement this program on 30 September 2002.
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September 18, 2002

Governor Credits Sound Economic Framework for Canada's Strong Performance

Canada's economy has shown remarkable strength over the past two years, despite a number of unfavourable developments that originated mainly from abroad, Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge said today in a speech at the University of British Columbia. The adoption of inflation targets, the restoration of fiscal health, and the restructuring initiatives taken by businesses were all positive steps taken in the 1990s that have allowed the economy to better handle economic problems now, he said.
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September 18, 2002

Bank of Canada Announces Economic Research Fellowship Program

The Bank of Canada is launching a Fellowship Program to encourage economic research at Canadian universities, Governor David Dodge announced today during a speech at the University of British Columbia. The Governor said the program is a natural extension of the Bank of Canada's commitment to promoting high-quality research.
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