Contingent Term Repo Facility

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Announcement: The Contingent Term Repo Facility (CTRF) is suspended.

Program details

The Contingent Term Repo Facility (CTRF) is the Bank of Canada’s standing repo facility to counter any severe market-wide liquidity stresses and support the stability of the Canadian financial system. The CTRF offers Canadian dollar funding for 1-month to eligible counterparties on a standing, bilateral basis against securities issued or guaranteed by the Government of Canada or a provincial government.

Terms and conditions

To participate in the CTRF, submit the following materials to the Bank by :

By 12:00 noon (ET) on a business day when the facility is active, eligible and pre-approved participants must inform the Bank by that they want to access the facility.

For operational details, please see the full terms and conditions for this program.


Every Friday on the Bank’s weekly balance sheet, the CTRF transactions will be reported at an aggregate level under “Securities purchased under resale agreements”.

Note: Due to confidentiality considerations, the names of individual participants will not be published.

Key contacts

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

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March 23, 2021

Bank of Canada announces the discontinuation of market functioning programs introduced during COVID-19

As overall financial market conditions continue to improve in Canada, use of the Bank of Canada’s programs that were introduced in 2020 in response to the shock from COVID-19 to support the functioning of key Canadian financial markets, has declined significantly.