Law Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence

The Bank of Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), established an award of excellence for bank note counterfeiting deterrence in 2004. This award recognizes the efforts of individuals in the fields of counterfeit enforcement, crime prevention, and education.


The award recognizes excellence in the delivery of various programs and activities aimed at counterfeiting deterrence, thereby contributing to public confidence in Canada’s currency.

Award criteria

  • The action or event for which a person is nominated must have taken place in Canada within three years of the date of nomination.
  • The nomination must be submitted by a police officer or another employee of an accredited police service in Canada. However, the action or event may have been performed by someone outside a police service. For example, the award could be given to a college or university employee who significantly contributed to the fight against counterfeiting in Canada.
  • The nomination must relate to Canadian bank notes.
  • The nominee(s) must demonstrate excellence or innovation in one of the following areas:
    • developing or delivering a bank note counterfeiting training or education program at a police academy, college, university or any enforcement partner organization to promote counterfeit deterrence;
    • conducting a forensic analysis or evaluation of counterfeit bank notes;
    • conducting intelligence analysis of trends, emerging issues, and/or potential risks related to counterfeiting currency;
    • investigating a Canadian bank note counterfeiting operation, or actively contributing to an investigation;
    • building partnerships, internally or externally, through creative and innovative approaches to collaboration in the fight against counterfeiting in Canada.

Recent winners

  • 2020 – Ms. Lyne Landry and Superintendent Renée Fontaine of the Canada Border Services Agency, and Acting Lieutenant Serge Lachance and Detective Sergeant Martin Parent of the Sûreté du Québec
  • 2019 – Della Lewis, RCMP Forensic Laboratory, and Det. Jerry Sobchyshyn, Edmonton Police Service
  • 2018 – Cpl. Vinh Ngo, Mrs. Gayle Myette and retired Cst. Bud Bishop, Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team, RCMP “E” Division, Federal Serious and Organized Crime, Financial Integrity