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Accessibility feedback

We strive to be accessible to everyone, so let us know how we’re doing. Share your feedback with us online, by phone, by mail or by email—and learn about how your feedback will be used.

Share your feedback


This form can collect feedback anonymously. You will be identified only if you include your contact information.

    Optional: Your contact information

    * denotes a required field.

    By phone

    Information agents are available Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:00 (ET)
    Toll-free, North America: 1‑800‑303‑1282
    Outside North America: 1‑613‑782‑8111
    TTY: 1‑888‑418‑1461

    By mail

    ATTN: Accessibility Specialist c/o HR Department (10E)
    234 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0G9

    By email

    Privacy statement

    The Bank’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility, in line with the Accessible Canada Act, includes a feedback process so that the public and Bank employees can share their ideas and input with us. All information collected (via online, mail, phone feedback processes etc.) will be securely stored with strict access limitations and will be destroyed after seven years. Your feedback will be used for reporting purposes and to support the Bank’s Accessibility program. This data may be used in either anonymized, de-identified or aggregated format for internal statistical and research purposes and shared with senior management and HR officers where appropriate.

    Any personally identifiable information collected through this form will be treated by the Bank in accordance with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Should you have any questions, please contact the ATIP Office by phone at 1‑866‑478‑3059 or by .

    How your feedback will be used

    All feedback goes to the Senior Accessibility and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist where:

    • it is logged into a secure database,
    • it is acknowledged (in the same format as the feedback was submitted) as having been received, and
    • it is reviewed and then delivered to the appropriate department for consideration.

    All feedback and related information will be destroyed after seven years.

    The Bank’s annual reporting will include information about feedback received and how it was taken into consideration.