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Workshop on Commodity Super Cycles

Welcome and Opening Remarks

by Eric Santor

Keynote Presentation

Correlation: Fundamentals, Frictions, and Financialization

Presentation: Craig Pirrong

Session 1: Long-Run Perspectives on Commodity Prices I

Chair: Michele Cavallo

Hotelling Under Pressure

Presentation: Soren Anderson, Ryan Kellogg and Stephen Salant

Trends and Super Cycles in Energy & LME Metal Prices

Presentation: John Cuddington, Daniel Jerrett and Abdel Zellou

What Drives Fluctuations of Commodity Prices in the Long Run?

Presentation: David Jacks and Martin Stuermer

Session 2: Investment Banks’ Perspectives on Commodity Super Cycles

Chair: Eric Santor

Introductory Remarks

Aakash Doshi
Breanne Dougherty
Katherine Spector
Harry Tchilinguirian

Session 3: Commodity Exporting Countries and Commodity Super Cycles

Chair: Martin Stuermer

Otaviano Canuto
Alberto Naudon
Greg Priddy
Ronald Ripple

Closing Remarks

by Mine Yucel

Keynote Presentation

by Mark Finley

Session 4: Long-Run Perspectives on Commodity Prices II

Chair: Bahattin Buyuksahin

Discerning Long-Term Trends in Commodity Prices

Presentation: Dimitri Dimitropoulos, Mathieu Marcoux and Adonis Yatchew

Oil Price Forecasts for Macroeconomic Projections: Experts Outlooks, Models, or Both?

Presentation: Jean-Thomas Bernard, Lynda KhalafMaral Kichian and Clement Yelou

The Big Drop: Causes and Consequences

Presentation: Rabah Arezki, Benjamin Hunt and Akito Matsumoto

Session 5: Commodity-Importing Countries and Commodity Super Cycles

Chair: Michael Plante

Daniel Ahn
Peter Buchholz
Bertrand Gruss
Miswin Mahesh

Closing Remarks

by Eric Santor and Mine Yucel

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