2013 Methods-of-Payment Survey Results

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As the sole issuer of bank notes, the Bank of Canada conducts methods-of-payment (MOP) surveys to obtain a detailed and representative snapshot of Canadian payment choices, with a focus on cash usage. Overall, cash usage at the point of sale has decreased since 2009, constituting 44 per cent of payment volume and 23 per cent in terms of value, and the median value of a cash transaction is about $9. Respondents’ perceptions and demographic factors are used to interpret survey data: cash is seen as a convenient, lowcost, secure and widely accepted form of payment, and is used most widely among respondents who are age 55 and above, have an income less than $45,000 or have only a high school education. The paper also provides a comprehensive view of payment innovations, such as stored-value cards, contactless credit/debit cards or mobile payments, which are often perceived as substitutes for cash.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.34989/sdp-2015-4