• May 26, 2010

    Senate Committee on National Finance

    Remarks Pierre Duguay Senate Committee on National Finance Ottawa, Ontario
    At year-end 2009, there were 1.8 billion bank notes in circulation, with a total value of $55.5 billion – approximately $1,630 per Canadian. The Bank of Canada is not responsible for coins. Decisions on coinage rest with the federal government, in particular, the Department of Finance, and with the Royal Canadian Mint.
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  • May 6, 2010

    Is There a Commodity Curse? Lessons from the Past

    Remarks John Murray University of Alberta Institute for Public Economics and C.D. Howe Institute Edmonton, Alberta
    As the title of the conference suggests, we have seen many boom-and-bust cycles in the commodity sector. This raises one obvious and central question: How can we avoid them in the future?
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