• June 28, 2005

    The International Monetary Order and the Canadian Economy

    Remarks David Dodge Canada-U.K. Chamber of Commerce London, United Kingdom
    As business people with ties to Canada and the United Kingdom, you are keenly interested in the economic prospects of both countries. When we look closely at our economies, it is striking how much they have in common in terms of policies and outlook.
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  • June 15, 2005

    Adjusting to Change

    Remarks David Dodge Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Change is the central theme of my remarks today. First, I will talk about some of the changes that have taken place at the Bank of Canada over its 70-year history. Then, I'll talk about some of the changes that are currently taking place in the global economy, as well as how we see our economy - across Canada and right here in Manitoba - adjusting to these changes.
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  • June 9, 2005

    How the Canadian Economy Is Adjusting to Global Forces

    Remarks David Dodge Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan Tokyo, Japan
    Rapid growth in emerging-market economies is driving up demand for commodities, and that has pushed up world prices for oil and many non-energy commodities. Meanwhile, productivity improvements in some countries and a competitive world environment are lowering the prices for some consumer goods, communications services, and computer equipment.
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  • June 2, 2005

    Monetary Policy and the Exchange Rate in Canada

    Remarks David Dodge Canada China Business Council Beijing, China
    Canada's experience is interesting and potentially insightful for two important reasons. First, Canada has more experience with a flexible exchange rate than almost any other country.
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