The Bank of Canada has been issuing bank notes since 1935 and periodically upgrades your notes by releasing a new series. These upgrades are made to stay ahead of counterfeiting and to improve the security of notes in circulation. The Bank is also responsible for ensuring that Canadians have access to bank notes that they can use with confidence.

The Bank has issued seven different series of bank notes and two commemorative bills. They feature the portraits of former Canadian prime ministers and members of the royal family on the front, and scenes that reflect Canadian culture, history, and achievements on the back.

See Canadian money evolve from the flax and cotton-based paper notes issued in 1935 to the new polymer bills of today.

Our Newest Series - Polymer

Our Newest Series

Learn all about the new polymer notes - the security, durability and innovation.

Canadian Journey Series

Need to Know

Canadian Journey series notes will be around for a few more years. Need a refresher?

Birds of Canada series

What Came Before

You may still encounter the occasional Birds of Canada series note.

Past Series

Bank Note History

More about the first four series of notes issued by the Bank of Canada.