Toward 2021: Outreach

The Bank hosts and attends conferences and holds public consultations to seek input on the monetary policy framework.


Conferences and workshops provide the Bank with the opportunity to exchange views and explore issues related to monetary policy frameworks with experts from across Canada and around the world.

Towards the 2021 renewal of the Bank of Canada’s Monetary Policy Framework

As part of the 2021 renewal of the Bank of Canada’s inflation-control agreement with the Government of Canada, Bank staff are currently comparing several monetary policy frameworks. The primary goal of this day-long workshop is to share—and receive comments on—these comparisons.

Monetary Policy Framework Issues: Toward the 2021 Inflation-Target Renewal

Workshop webcast live on September 14, 2017, held at the Bank of Canada, to explore the role and objectives of monetary policy, monetary policy tools, transparency and communications, and lessons learned from other central banks.

Sessions of the Bank of Canada Annual Economic Conference - Webcast

David Romer (University of California, Berkeley) delivers the John Kuszczak Memorial Lecture, followed by a panel discussion on the merits of inflation targeting and its alternatives.


To ensure a diversity of views are considered in the renewal process, we are consulting broadly with Canadians.

2017: Launch of Toward 2021

Less than a year after the 2016 agreement, the Bank hosted a workshop to discuss issues related to monetary policy frameworks with stakeholders. This discussion laid the groundwork for the 2021 renewal.

2018: Define research plan and focus

Since 1991, the Bank’s monetary policy framework has focused on targeting low and stable inflation, in the context of a flexible exchange rate. Every five years, we identify a series of research questions to inform our recommendation on the renewal of the monetary policy framework. For this renewal, we will assess alternative frameworks, the Bank’s supporting policy toolkit, and the interaction of monetary policy with other public policies.

2019: Stakeholder outreach

We engaged with a broad spectrum of stakeholder groups in 2019. We held roundtables with business and industry associations and heard from the academic community and other central banks through conferences and workshops. We met with a dozen civil society groups in a series of meetings over the summer and fall. The Bank also conducted national focus groups in November and December.

These activities allowed us to hear directly from Canadians about the impact of the Bank’s policy framework on their daily lives, and what economic issues are most important to them.

2020: Roundtables and public consultation

These consultations will provide the public with an opportunity to share its views on the economy and monetary policy with the Bank.

2020: Framework comparison completed

Most of the research that will inform the renewal, including on alternative frameworks, will be complete.

2020: Summary report on consultations

The input from stakeholders and the public will be summarized in a report for the Bank’s Governing Council and made public on our website.

2021: Renewal Agreement finalized

The Bank’s consultations and research will lead to a recommendation to the Minister of Finance. The Government of Canada and the Bank of Canada will then formalize an agreement on the framework that will serve as the guide for monetary policy until 2026.

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