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February 6, 2019

Peterson Institute of International Economics (PIIE) - Speech (Webcasts)

The Canadian Approach to Foreign Reserve Management - Deputy Governor Timothy Lane of the Bank of Canada speaks before the Peterson Institute of International Economics (PIIE). (08:50 (Eastern Time) approx.)

October 12, 2015

Bank of Canada Focusing Research on Integrating Monetary Policy and Financial Stability, says Governor Poloz

The Bank of Canada is exploring the links between financial stability considerations and traditional central bank approaches to inflation targeting as part of its risk-management approach to achieving its monetary policy goals, Governor Stephen S. Poloz said today. As the Bank of Canada works toward renewing its inflation-targeting agreement with the federal government next year, […]
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October 12, 2015

Integrating Financial Stability into Monetary Policy

Remarks Stephen S. Poloz National Association for Business Economics Washington, D.C.
Governor Poloz speaks about the Bank’s research agenda and how it supports efforts to integrate financial stability concerns into monetary policy.
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