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November 4, 2024

Release: Market Participants Survey

10:30 (ET)
The Market Participants Survey is conducted quarterly. Bank of Canada staff reach out to a diverse set of participants in financial markets to gather their views on key macroeconomic and financial variables as well as on monetary policy.

Content Type(s): Upcoming events
October 23, 2024

Interest Rate Announcement and Monetary Policy Report

09:45 (ET)
On eight scheduled dates each year, the Bank of Canada announces the setting for the overnight rate target in a press release explaining the factors behind the decision. Four times a year, Governing Council presents the Monetary Policy Report: the Bank’s base-case projection for inflation and growth in the Canadian economy, and its assessment of risks.

Content Type(s): Upcoming events
October 11, 2024

Release: Business Outlook Survey and Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations

10:30 (ET)
The Business Outlook Survey is a summary of interviews conducted by the Bank's regional offices with business leaders from about 100 firms, selected in accordance with the composition of Canada's gross domestic product. The Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations is a quarterly survey aimed at measuring household views of inflation, the labour market and household finances, as well as topical issues of interest to the Bank of Canada.

Content Type(s): Upcoming events
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