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Alexander Ueberfeldt

Alexander Ueberfeldt
Alexander Ueberfeldt is the Managing Senior Research Advisor of the Heterogeneity Laboratory, an inter-departmental research group focusing on the interactions between heterogeneity, the economy and various policies.

Louis Morel

Louis Morel is a Senior Policy Advisor in the Financial Stability Department (FSD) at the Bank of Canada.

Miguel Molico

Miguel Molico
Miguel Molico was appointed Senior Research Director of the Financial Stability Department (FSD) in February 2014. In this role, he is part of both the Economic and Financial Research (EFR) team and the Financial Stability Department’s senior leadership team and oversees the modelling and research divisions of FSD.

Alexandra Lai

Alexandra Lai is Senior Director (Regulatory Policy) in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada. In this role, she provides leadership to the development of policy advice on domestic and international regulatory policy, with a focus on regulated financial institutions (e.g., the bank resolution regime and other policy initiatives aimed at ending “too big to fail”), shadow banking, the federal housing finance framework, macroprudential policy, and the provision of central bank liquidity.

Gino Cateau

Gino Cateau was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Bank’s Financial Stability Department (FSD), effective March 18, 2019.