Fellowship Award - Nomination and Selection Processes

Selection Criteria and Process

A Canadian university may nominate one or more candidates who already hold an academic position at the university or who would agree to accept such a position upon receipt of a Fellowship Award, and who meet the eligibility and other requirements of the Fellowship Award.

Eligible nominees will be considered by a Nominating Committee that will make recommendations to the Bank's Governing Council. The members of the Committee include a member of the Bank of Canada's Board of Directors (also Chair of the Committee); a former Governor, Senior Deputy Governor or Deputy Governor of the Bank; two former visiting Special Advisers or former two-term Fellowship Award recipients; and two or three senior representatives from the Bank.

The Nominating Committee's consideration of eligible nominees will include the following selection criteria:

  • demonstrated excellence and innovation in their work, as indicated by publications of refereed and other articles; other research outputs; citations to and commentaries/critiques of their work; awards; recognition by peers and support of their university for the nomination
  • applicability to Bank of Canada policy development and/or research, as indicated in a match of the nominee's written work and research plan with Bank plans and priorities; and as expressed in the nomination materials
  • potential to continue to achieve recognition as a leader in the specified fields as indicated by consistent high-quality work in publications and presentations
  • potential to contribute to the education and development of new researchers

The Nominating Committee may recommend that no Fellowship be awarded if, in its judgment, there is no suitable candidate.

The Governing Council will make the final decision. The announcement of a Fellowship Award is at the end of March or April.

Fellowship Award - Nomination Documentation Requirements

All documents for nominations for the 2017 Fellowship Award must be emailed no later than Monday, 14 November 2016, to . The only exceptions are letters of reference, which may be faxed to, or received in hard copy at the Bank of Canada, by this date.

When all of the nomination documents have been received, the Bank will email an acknowledgement to the university and the nominee.

1. Nomination documents from the university

The following nomination documents must be sent by the university. The Letter of Nomination must be a PDF of the signed document.

All other documents from the university are to be MS Word documents where possible—a PDF generated by saving the file from another software package is an acceptable alternative (but not a scanned image).

a. A PDF of the signed Letter of Nomination from the university

The Letter of Nomination must be signed by an official representing the university and be on its letterhead. The letter must confirm how the nominee meets the Fellowship Award Requirements, show the university's commitment towards the nomination, and outline the qualities of the nominee, including:

  • the excellence and innovation of the nominee's work as indicated by his/her record of publications and other research output, citations and/or commentaries/critiques of his/her work, recognition by peers, awards
  • the nominee's potential to continue to achieve recognition as a leader in the specified field(s)
  • how the nominee's work and research plans match the areas important to the Bank's mandate as described under the Program Description
  • the nominee's potential to contribute to the education and development of new researchers

b. Cover page in MS Word (see potential alternative noted above), with the following nominee information:

  • Name
  • Position/title
  • University
  • Department
  • Field of PhD and year obtained
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number (work and home)
  • Email address
  • Date of submission of the nomination documents by the university

c. The nominee’s curriculum vitae in MS Word (see potential alternative noted above), which includes a list of the following and provides a summary table with the count (number) of:

  • published and forthcoming articles (2007 to present year)
    • include: refereed and non-refereed journal articles, chapters in books and discussant’s comments
    • do not include: working papers, papers in progress, papers under review, papers presented at seminars or conferences, newspaper articles, book/paper reviews, on-line works/blogs/courses and reprinted articles
  • published and forthcoming refereed journal articles (2007 to present year)
  • wholly written books, where applicable (do not include edited volumes or textbooks)
  • research grants and awards (2007 to present year)
    • do not include: teaching awards, travel grants, or visiting professor, chair, distinguished scholar positions

d. The nominee's current research program and plans (maximum six single-sided pages, in MS Word (see potential alternative noted above)). Please note that research program/plan we are looking for is forward-looking—what the nominee would be working on during the term of the award if it is granted.

e. One current research paper and four abstracts (published or unpublished), authored or co-authored by the nominee (MS Word document). Please note that a PDF is an acceptable alternative as long as the PDF is generated from the original software used for the current research paper and four abstracts, rather than being a scanned image of these.

2. Referee information

The nominee must email to the following identifying information for two referees who have agreed to provide letters of reference for the nominee to the Bank of Canada, so that the Bank can monitor completion of the nomination documentation. The referees must be established authorities in the field and who have not collaborated or had a supervisory/personal relationship with the nominee within five years of the nomination. The referees must not be affiliated with the nominee's institution.

  • name of referee
  • position/title of referee
  • telephone number of referee
  • email and mailing address of referee

3. Letters of Reference

Signed letters of reference (preferably written on official letterhead) are to be sent by the referees directly to the Bank of Canada, for receipt no later than Monday, 14 November 2016, by one of the following means:

  • email of signed PDF to
  • fax of the signed letter to 613-782-7317, to the attention of the Fellowship Program
  • original signed letter sent by mail to the mailing address shown on the right of the page under Contact Information

Referees may use, as a guide, the criteria for the qualities of the nominee identified under section (1)(a), A PDF of the signed Letter of Nomination from the university.