Fellowship Award

Learn all about the Fellowship Award — including how to submit a nomination, how the selection process works, and what terms and conditions the recipients are required to follow.


The Fellowship Award provides financial support to academics who are recognized for their expertise and research in areas important to the Bank's core functions.

The award is for a term of up to five years and consists of these annual payments, subject to an annual review and confirmation process:

  • a $50,000 research grant
  • a $40,000 research expense allowance for related research expenses and for research assistants
  • a sum of $5,000 for the university to administer the award funds


The nomination period for the 2022 Fellowship Program Awards is open from September 1 to November 30, 2021.

There is no limit to the number of candidates a university can nominate for the Fellowship Award.

Universities may nominate award recipients for a second term.

The Bank recognizes the value diverse perspectives bring to its work on behalf of Canadians. It promotes the advancement of women specializing in economics and finance and encourages the nominations of researchers with a range of identities and backgrounds.


Fellowship Award nominees are required to:

  • be Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, or be otherwise legally permitted to work in Canada
  • conduct and support research in Canada (nominations where the majority of the research is in Canada could also be considered)
  • have obtained a PhD
  • be employed by a Canadian university in a tenure or tenure-track position during the term of the Fellowship Award


Eligible nominees will be considered by the Fellowship Nominating Committee. This Committee provides recommendations to the Bank's Governing Council who select the final recipient. For more information, please refer to the Fellowship Nominating Committee Terms of Reference.

The criteria used to assess eligible nominations includes:

  • demonstrated excellence and innovation in the nominee’s work as indicated by publications and forthcoming articles in high impact peer-reviewed journals as well as citations and references (i.e., commentaries/critiques), working papers, other research outputs, including books and book chapters, research grants and awards, and recognition by peers
  • demonstrated leadership within the discipline and/or academic institution(s) as indicated by mentoring, committee roles, collaboration, contribution to the education and development of new researchers, etc.
  • applicability to Bank of Canada policy development and/or research, as indicated in a match of the nominee's written work and research plan with Bank plans and priorities; and as expressed in the nomination materials

The award recipient will be announced in March 2022.

Recipient terms and conditions

Recipients of the Fellowship Award will be required to abide by these and other terms and conditions. More detailed information will be provided to recipients and their nominating universities.

Collaboration with Bank researchers

Recipients are expected to collaborate periodically with Bank research staff by, for example, co-authoring papers, conducting seminars, commenting on research papers or proposals, etc.

Learning Exchange

Recipients are expected to participate in an annual Learning Exchange during the term of their award at the Bank of Canada’s Head Office in Ottawa, or at such place as determined by the Bank.

The next Learning Exchange is scheduled to take place in May 2022.

Annual review and confirmation

The Fellowship Award is subject to an annual review and confirmation by the Bank’s Governing Council for the term of the award. This happens in the fall and includes providing an update of the recipient’s research plan. Recipients will be contacted by the Governance Office with the requirements.

Recognition event with the Board of Directors

In the fall of the first year of their award, Fellowship Award recipients are invited to participate in an organized recognition event with the Bank’s Board of Directors.

Canadian Economics Association speech

Fellowship Award recipients are required to speak at the Canadian Economics Association annual meeting one time during the term of their award.


Fellowship Award recipients are required to grant permission to the Bank of Canada to publicly communicate their names and qualifications.