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2020 Fellowship Program: Award recipients

The Bank of Canada is pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of the Bank’s Fellowship Award and Governor’s Award.

Fellowship Award

Jasmina Arifovic
Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Economics
Simon Fraser University
Dr. Arifovic’s work spans across a wide range of topical issues in economics, including evolutionary models of personal beliefs, computational design, currency crises, financial markets and exchange rates dynamics. Her pioneering work in computational modelling and artificial intelligence helps explain real world phenomenon where traditional models have fallen short, furthering understanding of financial markets and monetary policy. As the founding director of the Centre for Research in Adaptive Behaviour in Economics, she supervises PhD students and conducts research on behavioral and experimental economics.

Governor’s Award

Andrey Golubov
Assistant Professor of Finance, Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto
A leading academic expert on mergers and takeovers, Professor Golubov studies how firms make investment and financing decisions, particularly those involving considerations related to corporate control. His work falls into two broad streams of financial economics: capital markets and the market for corporate control, and the behaviour of asset prices. His current research examines various aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and firm value and performance. One of his ongoing projects is pioneering the use of new microdata from Canada to better understand the effects of mergers and acquisitions on employee welfare.