2019 Fellowship Program: Award recipients

The Bank of Canada is pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of the Bank’s Fellowship Award and Governor’s Award.

Fellowship Award

Diego Restuccia
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Toronto
Professor Restuccia’s research addresses an essential question in economics: what explains the large per capita income differences across countries and the productivity growth of nations? His research also delves into key current issues: the secular decline in productivity observed in many developed economies in recent decades, the global economic transformation occurring with fast growing economies such as China and India, the upcoming global shifts implied by the emergence of fast-growing economies in Africa, and the changes in inequality and opportunities that shape economic policies and the political process in both developed and developing economies.

Michelle Alexopoulos
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Toronto
Professor Alexopoulos’s research focuses on the use of data mining and textual analysis on non-traditional sources of information to fill existing data gaps. Her work has concentrated on measurement in two key areas—technical change and sentiment/uncertainty—to gain insights into the economic effects of shocks and to test related theories. She plans to expand her research in these areas, and collaborate with the Bank on related work to provide insights into trends and developments in the Canadian economy and the country’s key trading partners.

Governor’s Award

Ryan Riordan
Associate Professor, Smith School of Business
Queen’s University
Professor Riordan intends to examine the use and misuse of financial technologies in banking, with an emphasis on technology in general and financial markets in particular. His current research focuses on the effects of technologies on financial markets, machine learning and big data applications, cyber security, payment systems and distributed ledger technologies. He is also making significant research advances in the areas of climate change, climate risk and the application of financial technologies to climate change adaptations in finance.