Canadian Interest Rates and Monetary Policy Variables: 10-Year Lookup

On this page, you can look up series data. For metadata and background information, see the series notes.

Series frequency:

  • Daily series show values for each business day.
  • Weekly series values are as at Wednesday.
  • Monthly series show values for the last Wednesday of each month.
The weekly Chartered Bank Interest Rates can now be found on Interest rates posted for selected products by the major chartered banks. The monthly series have been discontinued.
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Monthly series

V122530: Bank rate

V122530: Bank rate
Low 2020-07-01 0.50
Average 2020-02-01 — 2020-07-01 0.83
High 2020-02-01 2.00
Date V122530
2020-02 2.00
2020-03 1.00
2020-04 0.50
2020-05 0.50
2020-06 0.50
2020-07 0.50

V122495: Prime rate

No data for this time period: 2020-02-03 — 2020-07-03