Overnight repos

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Program details

Overnight repo (OR) operations are conducted to further support the effective implementation of monetary policy by injecting liquidity intraday.

For operational details, see the full terms and conditions for this program.


Amounts are in millions of dollars.

View details on: 2023-03-22, 2023-03-23, 2023-03-24, 2023-03-27, 2023-03-28

2023-03-22: 0.0

2023-03-23: 0.0

2023-03-24: 0.0

2023-03-27: 0.0

2023-03-28: 0.0

Key contacts

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

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Related notices

September 13, 2022

Bank of Canada to delay bond auction in observance of federal Day of Mourning; will support key payment and settlement systems as well as financial markets

In observance of the federal Day of Mourning to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Bank of Canada will postpone the auction of 10-year Government of Canada bonds that had been scheduled for Monday, September 19.
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