Statistics pertaining to counterfeit Canadian bank notes (formerly B4)

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As of April 26, 2019, the Bank of Canada will no longer publish the quarterly series for counterfeit bank notes. Additionally, the totals in each denomination will be altered to reflect only the sum of the note designs which are currently listed on the web page.

Passed counterfeit notes: Counterfeit notes seized by law enforcement: Data will be published annually in the second quarter.

Annual Series

Number of counterfeits detected in circulation, excluding $1, $2, and $1000 notes62,36616,42017,49422,78933,405
Counterfeit value excluding $1, $2, and $1000 notes (thousands of dollars)2,4326458941,2221,870
Total average count of notes in circulation (millions), excluding $1, $2, and $1000 notes1,7381,8421,9422,0502,138
Counterfeits seized by police, excluding $1, $2, and $1000 notes13,95843
Number of counterfeit notes detected in circulation by denomination
Total $56521,6487881,6633,345
$5 (1986 design)131194383148
$5 (2002 design)2551,2181238348
$5 (2006 design)2341851915260
$5 (2013 design)32514361,4973,189
Total $101,4199581,3871,1121,466
$10 (1989 design)35318830513593
$10 (2001 design)743568505492467
$10 (2005 design)3211563517269
$10 (2013 design)246226413837
Total $2043,8868,5536,2515,9598,601
$20 (1991 design)1,9979528841,1241,121
$20 (2004 design)41,6396,8384,0742,1352,607
$20 (2012 design)2507631,2912,6824,864
$20 (2015 design) 2189
Total $501,2021,0912,8195,7905,776
$50 (1975 design)161619146122
$50 (1988 design)346139126106362
$50 (2004 design)726245249100124
$50 (2012 design)1146912,4255,4385,168
Total $10014,6573,9836,0577,85613,682
$100 (1975 design)584461,4327981,248
$100 (1988 design)10,1641,8091,460356284
$100 (2004 design)4,2251,3381,071598542
$100 (2011 design)2103902,0946,10411,608


Source: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Bank of Canada

Statistics pertaining to counterfeit Canadian bank notes (formerly B4) contains data on the average number of bank notes in circulation as well as data supplied by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on counterfeit notes. Totals for each denomination reflect only the series displayed (which represent the majority of counterfeits detected in circulation). For this reason, there may be slight discrepancies with the total number of counterfeits detected in circulation, displayed in the top row of the table, which includes all series.

Counterfeits are categorized as “passed”, detected in circulation, or “seized”, those confiscated by law enforcement before being circulated. Suspected counterfeits found in circulation by retailers, financial institutions, and the general public, as well as those discovered during note processing at the Bank of Canada, are forwarded to the RCMP National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau for forensic evaluation.