Corporate and other short-term paper outstanding (formerly F2)

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Monthly Series

Month-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2019‑122020‑012020‑022020‑032020‑04
Corporate short-term paper
Commercial paperV12224663,65463,34762,94859,102
Of which: Issued by non-financial corporationsV12225314,22614,78214,3158,58510,394
Of which: Issued by securitizations1 V12225432,84232,03231,40633,313
Of which: Issued in U.S. dollarsV1222557,9928,3148,6047,317
Canadian dollar bankers' acceptancesV12224391,84998,39587,18686,945
Commercial paper issued by foreign corporationsV12225900000
  1. 1. Beginning August 2007, excludes outstandings of approximately $28.8 billion related to affected trusts under the Montréal Proposal.[]